About us


The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) works with communities to enhance their resilience to emergencies and disasters. We also provide Emergency Management advice and support to the nine councils in the region.


This database is for use by WREMO staff, CDEM volunteers, and council staff. It contains information regarding contacts, training, events and equipment and the database is used to manage this information.


WREMO takes privacy seriously. We abide by the provision of the Privacy Act 1993 and will not disclose your information to a third party without your consent. Information in this database may be used to gather information and statistics regarding activities undertaken by WREMO, volunteers and council staff, but specific individuals will not be identifiable.

Deactivating your personal profile

At any time you can deactivate your profile in the database. Deactivating your personal record will remove you from the list of current contacts and you will not receive any further notifications from WREMO.